New Member Recruitment

Welcome Home to the New Members of the West Fargo VFW Post #7564 Membership
VFW membership is approximately 2.3 million strong. In addition to seven U.S. Presidents, VFW has a long history of members representing all walks of life. As one might expect with such a large base, VFW members represent a cross-section of the American people. From 100 year old WWI veterans to 20 year old active duty troops, VFW welcomes every qualified veteran into its ranks.

To to become a new member of the
West Fargo VFW, please call us
at 701-282-4728.

There are approximately 8,400 Posts located across the US, Europe, Asia and other overseas spots.

Annual dues average $35. But for those of you interested in saving money, VFW offers life memberships. More than 1 million members have chosen this option. Life members never receive dues reminders and their subscriptions to VFW magazine never expire. Other benefits of life membership include a patch for VFW caps, a lapel pin and a special card. It pays to be a life member.

Who is eligible to join?
Overseas veterans who served:
– in Foreign Wars
– in Expeditionary Campaigns
– on Occupation Duty
– in Korea anytime

Your campaign medal or duty in Korea has earned you the privilege of joining the VFW – a prestigious 100-year-old organization.

What the WF VFW does
– Community Service
– Legislation and Remembrance
– Youth Activities
– Overseas Troop Support
– VA Liaison

Why Join?
– Patriotism
– Pride
– Camaraderie
– Veterans Assistance
– Legislative Activism
– Community Concern

How to Join
To to become a new member, please call the West Fargo VFW at 701-282-4728.

The VFW sponsors voluntary insurance programs and other benefits that can help members save money and add extra value to their VFW membership.

Here’s a list of some of the benefits that every member has:

VFW Insurance Programs
– Accidental Death and Dismemberment Protection Insurance
– Vehicle Insurance
– Long-Term Care Insurance
– Burial Benefits
– Term Life Insurance
– Medicare Supplement Plans
– Birthday Life
– Heart Attack/Cancer/Stroke Insurance

Non-Insurance Programs
– Veterans ROCC
– BeneVets Healthcare Savings Program
– Living Benefits
– VFW Purchase Power Gold
– Funeral and Cremation Program
– VFW MasterCard
– Hotel/Motel Savings
– MBNA Deposit Programs
– Resort Condominium Rentals
– Discounted Car Rentals
– VFW Credit Union
– Official Emblem and Supply Catalog
– VFW Foundation
– Veterans Travel Service